Mixtape Review: Coca Vango-Jugg Baby

After over 7 mixtape releases and gaining notoriety throughout Atlanta the last 4 years, Coca Vango is forcing a seat at the table of the trap music scene and could very much so be the next artist to blow out of “the 6”. His latest release, Jugg Baby, released December 2018, is a 12-track masterpiece hosted by DJ Holiday and features the legendary Project Pat, Jazze Pha, LightSkinKeisha and more.

Top Tracks:

“Sauce All On Me”

This summer 2018 was played EVERYWHERE! How can you resist not singing along to the Jugg croon of the “hoo-hoo-hooooooooooo…. Sauce all On Meeeeeee Yeahhhhhh!” With over 1M views on YouTube and counting, there is no way you could’ve avoided hearing this record.

“Big Mad”

This could easily be Coca Vango’s follow-up single from “Sauce All On Me” as it is currently in heavy rotation in the clubs around ATL. Throughout this project, Coca reminds us that he was broke. But who cares? He UP now! And he got ’em mad, foreal.

“I be fly in this mother*cker like Aladdin, I got on five different designers now these b*tches think I’m tacky” -Coca Vango, Big Mad


Coca sent a quick reminder in this song about how he is really living his raps. He’s a real scammer and he does what he wants! Regardless of the drip and the swag, he is still in the field getting it how he live.

“I really be scammin’ I really be scammin’ I’m swiping them pieces, my shit don’t be jammin'”-Coca Vango, “Scammer”

“Jugg 4 Real”

A another track to follow up on the swipe life is ‘Jugg 4 Real’, a loose play-by-play on plays. He let you know he will swipe for a whole Benz, he will run off and will do it again.

“All that middle man shit I done past that, I done made a hundred thousand off the CashApp” -Coca Vango, Jugg 4 Real

Snow (featuring LightSkinKeisha)

This track, featuring another artist-to-watch and Coca Vango’s girlfriend LightSkinKeisha, is a fan-favorite. Imagine drippin’ and being sauced-up with your boo thing? #RelationshipGoals! LightSkinKeisha’s verse stole the show on this track.

“B*tches goin’ out sad; Fake boujie b*tch, the type to go and buy a Fendi purse wit’ ya last” -LightSkinKeisha, Snow


‘Jugg Baby’ have plenty of bangers that will be heard throughout 2019 in the club, gas station, barber shops and other areas where people frequent. Without a doubt, this year will be a breakout for Coca Vango.

Check out the link  for Jugg Baby on Apple Music and listen on SoundCloud below:

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