About Us

 There might be 8 billion people on the planet, but there’s only one version of you.

The people, challenges, and experiences that have shaped you have given you a unique perspective on life that can only be told in your own words. They’ve given way to creative ideas that can be used to inspire a whole new generation. The only challenge is that without something to drive that inspiration, the best stories are often left untold. Carefully crafted in the heart of Atlanta, Local Trap Star (LTS) was created for those who are ready to move beyond the hustle and to embrace their own grind, thriving in their “trap” and turning it into a position of long-term success.

It’s time to overcome the stigma that the trap can only be associated with negative images and inescapable circumstances. Now a trap is a place you confide in and where your hustle, money-making, and go-getting instincts are at its peak and constantly knocking on the door of opportunity. Whether it's in the trap, in music, in sports, in business, or even just in your daily grind of chasing your dreams. It’s time to own your trap and realize that the only limits you have are the ones you place on your own damn self.

Here at Local Trap Star, our motto is “Success Has No Face”. Because no matter where you’re from or what challenges you’ve faced, nothing can keep you from rising to the top.

So Represent Yourself.

Represent Your Hustle.

& Embrace Your Trap.

...That’s being a Local Trap Star.