City Girls’ ‘Twerk’ Video is Loaded With ASS and I Love It

City Girls finally released the highly anticipated “Twerk” Video featuring Cardi B. January 16 and the world is shook!

Yung Miami, ½ of the City Girls, recruited 20 of the best Twerkers Instagram could find for this video. She wanted the best twerkers to get “Flewed Out”. 

Naming it the #25kChallenge , the winner did some shit I’ve never seen before: it looked like she did a head-stand. Yes. You read that right. 

The video is FILLED with ASS ASS ASS, with Yung Miami body-painted as a zebra and Cardi B as a tiger. I just… love it! Shoutout to whoever the wardrobe/continuity directors are. They were on point!

For the record, for everyone who said Caresha (Yung Miami) couldn’t dance, she just proved you wrong the way she was throwing that ass. Sorry.

I loved the scene with the building spray painted as a mural to currently-incarcerated ½ of the City Girls, JT. #FreeJT 

See video here below. WARNING! NSFW! 

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